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  • Ming Palace Chinese Restaurant
  • Ming Palace Chinese Restaurant

    In the decorative elegance of the the Ming Palace Chinese Restaurant, famous chefs prepare authentic Chaozhou dishes, Sichuan and Hunan delicacies, and local Pudong rural dishes. The restaurant's 17 discreetly opulent chartered rooms are equipped with their own bathrooms and professional sound equipment, making them highly suited for business banquets. It is also an ideal place for get-together with relatives and friends.
  • Leisure All-day Dining Restauran
  • Leisure All-day Dining Restaurant

    The Leisure All-day Dining Restaurant specializes in the best of global cuisine, served in a relaxed and fashionable dining atmosphere, with an open kitchen. The restaurant has been designed as an attractive space to spend time with family or friends, whether over snacks, full-meals, or drinks enlivened by sporting entertainment.
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